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5 row 27 ft. long

5 row 21 ft. long

10 row 15 ft. long

10 row 21 ft. long

10 row 27 ft. long

5 row x 15' non-elevated angle frame bleacher double toe board guardrail system.

This 5 Row Bleacher is durable, economical, and maintenance-free. Ideal for outdoor playing fields and playing courts of all sizes. Seats up to 50 people. This 15 foot long bleacher is constructed of lightweight aluminum with a 8" rise and 24" seat boards. 6" Rise, 5 row by 15 ft long.

 This 5 row bleacher features: double footboards, single riser and last row double riser toeboard with no aisleway. this product can be configured to meet Americans With Disabilities Act or "ADA".

This quick ship item is stocked at our facility located in Brooksville, Florida for your convenience. All of Seating Constructor's bleacher products meet IBC (International Building Code) 2009 Safety Codes and can be sold and shipped to California. We offer a one year warranty.

We are a high quality bleacher manufacturer based out of Brooksville, FL

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